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Original Equipment Manufacturer

“OEM or ‘Original Equipment Manufacturer’ refers to companies who are manufacturing parts or products that can be purchased and rebranded by other companies. A company’s wish to outsource the manufacture of its product is often related to economies of scale reflexions which indeed will allow it to build its own brands without owning production facilities. Outsourcing the production of their OEM Australian wine brands will ensure companies to obtain quality and up-to-date Australian OEM wine at competitive prices.


Get Our Bottles Before Anyone Else

Many of our wines sell out before they even make it to the shelves! As a Wine Club member, you have guaranteed access to these exclusive bottles before they’re made available to the general public. Join us now to receive a bundle of benefits and special rates. Welcome to the otway estate vineyard family.

Wine Tasting Events


Your OEM Exports

Otway Estate provides OEM Services of Australian Wines for more than a decade. Our Winery is the best vineyard in Victoria committed to the requirement of importer’s private wine labels. In our wonderful cellar, we produce an entire range of quality and competitively priced wines, which are all at your company’s service to help you set up your own brand and specifications.

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